How Does Your Bedroom Affect Your Sleep?

How Does Your Bedroom Affect Your Sleep?

Your bedroom might be the problem. Some people have bought CPAP Sydney or Resmed masks but they still cannot get solid sleep. If that describes you, you need to reorganize your bedroom to help you sleep better. A comfortable bedroom, coupled with CPAP machines Australia, for those with sleep apnea, will give you a great night\'s sleep.

Electronic devices should never be in the bedroom. Phones, TVs and computers confuse your body into thinking it is supposed to be awake while it should be sleeping. Light, especially blue light emitted by these devices, interrupts the circadian rhythm thereby keeping you awake. Instead, keep these devices away and only leave an alarm clock and CPAP accessories.

A bad mattress is an enemy of sleep. Bad mattresses are excessively hot thereby making you sweaty and insomniac. Again, a bad mattress allows motion transfer such that your partner\'s twists and turns keep you awake. If a mattress does not support you as it should, you\'ll wake up with a backache and this might affect your sleep. This might cause sleep disorders that may need CPAP Liverpool machine or CPAP masks Australia.

Bright colours are not ideal for a bedroom. Just like lights from electronic devices, the colours might interfere with your circadian rhythm. Get dark colours to sleep better at night. A mask such as Resmed S9 may give you a good night\'s sleep in a brightly painted room. If used as directed, CPAP works for all apnea patients.

Lastly, you need to keep your pests and your clutter away. Pests will keep you awake and clutter will make you anxious and insomniac. If you still cannot sleep, try CPAP Melbourne or CPAP machine from anywhere in Australia. Other systems such as Resmed Australia will also help you sleep better.

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