How sleep apnea affects your health? And sleep apnea treatment

How sleep apnea affects your health? And sleep apnea treatment

Sleep apnea can affect your health and quality of life. You need to know if it already causes side effects on your health or if it prevents you from performing your daily functions effectively. If so, you may need to apply for immediate treatment.

It is more common among men and the elderly, especially those who are overweight and have big throats. The common cause is physical blockage of the respiratory tract, but there are also rare types that are caused by the failure of the brain to control breathing. The usual manifestation is snoring, although it is not always the case. If you suffer from this problem, it is important that you know how sleep apnea affects your health.

Impact on sexual performance - Some affected reports have reduced libido - they no longer long six or are as easily awakened as much as they used, and experience less intense orgasms. Those who have undergone treatment on the other hand say that their sexual performance has improved markedly.

Sleepiness - Due to constant interruptions during sleep - which can happen as often as 20 to 30 times in an eight-hour sleep - never gets enough sleep during the night and therefore sleepy for most of the day. This affects their effectiveness when performing their jobs and other activities.

Risk of car accidents - Due to lack of sleep, those driving are facing a higher risk of car accidents. A study conducted among 800 sleep apnea patients in Canada found that these people have five times greater risk of being involved in car crashes and other car accidents than ordinary drivers who do not suffer from this problem. Both mild and severe apnea suffer from the same increase in accident risk.

Diabetes - It can also cause increased likelihood of diabetes. How sleep apnea affects your health - When the body stops breathing, do not breathe enough oxygen, so that the amount of oxygen entering the blood also decreases. When this happens, the brain responds by releasing hormones that make you wake up. Then when you sleep again and your breathing stops again, the same thing will happen - the brain signals the release of hormones. If this happens so many times during the night, you can imagine how much hormones are released in your blood.

Researchers theorize that the abnormally large amounts of hormones released into the human body for a whole night also affect the production of insulin. Diabetes, as we know, is a disorder that is associated with a disorder in the body's insulin mechanism.

Sleep is a very important part of your life. There are many who suffer from sleep apnea and can not get the right amount of sleep needed. To understand what the best treatment is, you need to understand what it is. Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects the sleep pattern by taking more than a rest in sleep. This disease is not a fatal disease, but there are treatments so you can get your full sleep during the night. These treatments are:

Change of Lifestyle-This may differ from changing your sleep schedule. Going for decent hours is always a start. Limiting alcohol intake and medication to help you sleep can be a great way to start. These types of additives for trying to sleep is never a good idea. Exercise and lose obesity is another way of changing your lifestyle and is a treatment.

Respiratory Equipment-These can help to a great extent with sleep apnea. By using the machines, your sleep will not be interrupted. There are many breathing machines to choose from and help with your condition. Finding the right one can be the best choice to do.

Surgery-This surgery is to broaden breathing passages. This operation will cure your problem and you will not have any further problems with it. Surgery is always a scary thing to think about, but through this simple procedure your apnea is cured.

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