Sleep apnea can be serious and should be checked

Sleep apnea can be serious and should be checked

Many sleep problems and conditions are not lethal and are only a minor inconvenience. Sleep apnea, however, is not one of the disorders that should be taken easily. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where the body forgets to breathe during the night and it is possible to have a mild fall and not even be aware of it.

Sleep is natural for both men and animals. The amount of time varies between different species, but there is no living that can do without sleep, helping to heal the body and renew its energy. Unfortunately, there is a state where sleep is interrupted hundreds of times each night. Millions of people live with the risk of sleep apnea.

Apnea is a Greek word meaning "breathing". Sleep apnea is when the airway is blocked or blocked and breathing stopped. When this happens, the brain automatically turns into a defensive mode and forces the individual to wake up and breathe. If you know someone who has this condition, the sound of his snare is not constant, it's more of a shallow, which means they're gasping for air. As the blockage is always there, this bike is asleep and wake up all night.

In addition to just the loss of sleep and rest every night, there is something more sinful going on. There are 5 stages of sleep where the most important stage is REM, Rapid Eye Movement; It is at this stage that there is the deepest and most refreshing sleep. Those with this condition never reach this stage of deep sleep.

Another effect and probably the most dangerous is the lack of oxygen taken each night. This can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure. If you are already a heart problem, sleep apnea may make your condition worse.

There are things that can be done to alleviate this disease.

Lose weight. Many sleep apnea sufferers are overweight.

Mounted for a cpap machine that pushes air through a tube in the throat all night and keeps the blockage open.

There are also dental devices that can be used to ensure that the blocking is open.

If all else fails, there is also surgery that can block the airways in the throat.

For those who have less apnea, it is usually not a problem and more of an inconvenience. If you have a more serious case, each night may be your last unless you take precautions. There are medicines you can take as well as accessories you can wear to make sure you breathe all night and for those with serious conditions they have to do it. Most of us do not think twice about getting a good night's sleep, but for those with apnea sleep is a little more difficult.

Some of the symptoms of sleep apnea wake up every morning, are drowsy during the day, have headaches in the morning and wake up all night and feel like you're gasping for breath. If you have any of these, you may suffer from some sleep apnea.

One of the common ways a person shows that something is wrong is if another person who sleeps in the same room finds that something is not right with how you sleep. If you sleep alone, you must pay attention to how you feel when you wake up every morning and if you experience any of the symptoms for a long time. It is always advisable to see your doctor if you are unsure of the quality of sleep.

Another option is to see a sleep disorder center and have some tests done. They will be able to analyze your sleep and tell if there is a problem. Many people seem to boast that they only need a handful of hours of sleep every night and although not everyone is equal, sleep becomes extremely important to us all without exception. Having too much sleep puts stress on your body over time and can be extremely harmful. Check with a doctor if you do not sleep enough is wise so you can make sure you have nothing serious as sleep apnea.

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